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In all honest truth, Hook will forget to charge his Phone unless someone does it for him.

Feel free to leave Snail Mail however.
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Ever since he'd started putting the finishing touches on his boat, Hook had been planning this party. When he realized it would line up perfectly with a certain someone's birthday, the plan was immediately modified.

The food he'd arranged from a local cafe was fairly simple, cut up fruit and vegetables with a variety of different sandwiches and meat pies, as well as some modern snacks like potato chips and the curly fries from the boardwalk. To drink, there was a juice and sodas as well as a fully stocked bar, all courtesy of funds from Hook's new job...not that he'd told anyone he'd gotten a job. It wasn't like there was any piracy to be had in Darrow and he would rather not have to put Emma in the position of having to arrest him.

He'd conspired with Henry, Charming and the others from their realm to make this a surprise for Emma. Some of the food was sitting on the table on deck but must of it was in the galley by the bar. In the center of the table under the deck was a cake made by Henry surrounded by cupcakes (There were some apple tarts, donated by Regina, but that had mysteries disappeared. Overboard. It's what the queen got for trying to clean his boat. It was perfectly clean thank you very much).

Hook had made sure to invite has many of both of their friends as possible and had them all gather on deck at the time Henry was supposed to bring Emma to the docks. There was a drape covering the name on the back of the boat. He was dressed in his pirate best, with his red waist coat and hook polished to a shine as he stood on the dock, two glasses of champagne perched next to him on a post.

[backdated to October 23rd. The boat looks like this yacht though the furnishings inside are much more rustic and only half the cabins have beds, the others are storage. The plumbing and electricity do work, but there are no TVs or anything by way of modern convenience outside of the galley.]
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Lindsey's phone had been blown up with text messages to meet him at one of their favorite bars. It was a dark place, made for the serious drinker who needed quality time with their alcohol of choice. And Hook was in one of the corners, working his way through the bottle of rum the tender had just left on the table when he'd paid for it.

First all of these people from home were arriving in such a steady stream that Hook could barely keep up. And all of them remembered an entire year after Hook had come to the city. And somehow in that year, their perception of him had changed. It was friendly now. While it was what Hook may have was weird to suddenly have it and not know how he'd earned it. He kept expecting to be blamed for them arriving here but no blame or scorn was forthcoming. It was very strange.

Then, he'd woken up with magic. Magic he'd had no idea how to control, much less use. he'd wrecked his apartment and no amount of alcohol made the confusion and fear of his own powers go away. He used magical objects, he'd never desired to have magic himself. The only magic he possessed, the curse on his hook, he only used when he had too and even then, it was just in pursuit of his revenge.

Finally, when he was feeling defeated by said magic and the memories he was clearly lacking, Emma had arrived. Both the person he most wanted to see and the last. And of course, she had to come from the cursed year after, just as everyone else. Something had very clearly happened between them in that time but she wouldn't tell him what, because he didn't remember it too.

His mood was dark but he was considerate enough to have Lindsey's drink of choice waiting for him. Despite how dark his mood, Hook had to was nice to have someone he could talk to and drink with.

For Ursula

Mar. 26th, 2014 03:54 pm
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There was an apartment somewhere in the city for him. How very kind of this particular curse to provide, he thought to himself bitterly. And a curse it was indeed. It may not be one of the Evil Queen or Peter Pan's doing, but it was keeping Hook from where he needed to be and that counted as a curse in his mind. But when he'd asked for directions after receiving his packet of information, which was stuffed into one of the many pockets of his coat, it hadn't been to his apartment but to the ocean.

There was no ship under his boots but the sea still felt more at home then any bar or apartment could. He'd found an old dock that seemed abandoned and was sitting on it's end, drinking from a bottle of rum that he'd 'liberated' from one of the bars he'd frequented since arriving. Finally, he was starting to feel a bit more at peace, a bit more himself. This was far closer to home then he'd been in a while, or at least as close as he could be without the Jolly Roger or Emma.

His eyes were so drawn to the horizon that he was pretty much oblivious to anything else.
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Hook had been in his quarters on the Jolly Roger when the call came from Smee. He'd left his fellow pirate in charge of his new crew of lost boys and he couldn't help rolling his eyes. Usually a call like this meant something was broken or they needed the Captain to settle some point. They were still tied up to the docks of Storybrooke, honestly, how much trouble could these boy cause?

He grabbed his hook off his desk as he passed and screwed it into place before he took his coat off it's hook. Once he finally looked the part of the fearsome pirate Captain Hook, he found it helped his authority with boys if he played up the part, he strode out on deck. "Yes Smee...what is it?"

Smee hurried up to Hook, a dripping wet bottle in his hands. "Captain! I was teaching the boys how to use the fishing nets when one of them got this caught in the line. I don't kn..." He kept going but Hook wasn't listening anymore. He swiped the bottle out of Smee's hands, has he had a dark feeling that he knew what it was.

"Thank you Smee, go back to your nets. Let the Captain take care of this." Hook immediately returned back into his cabin and locked the door tight. If his hunch was right, he didn't want the Evil Queen or the Crocodile to get wind of this. He settled into his chair and looked the bottle over...and rubbed it.


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